About Us

The Flemington Area Food Pantry provides food and personal care items to needy Hunterdon County families regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background. 

We are located across the parking lot from the front entrance of the Flemington WalMart.

Food insecurity is a national problem. In Hunterdon County, of 126,000 residents, an estimated 5,000 have income below the poverty level. Many of these residents, including children and infants, don't get enough to eat without some form of assistance. 

The Flemington Area Food Pantry depends on the generosity of the Hunterdon County community for its very existence. Without donations of food and funds, the Pantry would not exist. More than 80% of Pantry income is derived from contributions of cash and groceries. 

The Pantry provides supplemental groceries to approximately 1,300 income qualified Hunterdon County families.
Pantry clients are often underemployed hard-working adults, veterans, families with children, and seniors who simply cannot make ends meet and who go without food for several meals, or sometimes several days at a time. These people are your friends and neighbors. Some have lost jobs, and some are homeless. They are of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds, but have one thing in common: they don’t have the resources to buy the food they need to subsist.